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ลง VPython (python-visual) ใน Anaconda

VPython is a visualization python library.
It helps to create environment that can represent a natural phenomenon.
It is used as a tool for Physics tutorial.
To install inside the Anaconda, Python distribution, you need to install the Anaconda firstly at

After that, please install Conda-build:

conda update conda
conda install conda-build

Then, clone the repository:

git clone

To build VPython by yourself, go inside ‘conda-vpython-recipes’ directory, and, compile its bundle of dependencies.
Please follow the steps below:

cd conda-vpython-recipes
conda build boost-vpython
conda build fonttools polygon2 ttfquery vpython
conda install boost-vpython –use-local
conda install vpython –use-local

Testing by import it inside Python:

import visual



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