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Linux on Android

    1. On Genymotion 2.0.1: Android image version > 4.2.2 do not work
    2. Install Google play.
    3. Install Linuxonandroid, AndroidVNC, and Terminal Emulator.
    4. Download on Linuxonandroid website.
    5. Copy into the android emulator image.
    6. No need to install ‘busybox’ because it was shipped with the image.
    7. Unzip
    8. Run Linuxonandroid and Select Ubuntu13.04-x86 as a target.
      1. It will fail at the first time.
      2. Rename the /data/data/com.zpwebsites.linuxonandroid/files/busybox to busybox.old → It’s ARM excution version.
      3. Link /system/xbin/busybox to


  • > link -s … …
  • Run it again.
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