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ประกาศ Argument แบบ Dictionary ใน Python

def f ( * args, ** kw ):
# args is a tuple of positional args,
# kw is a dictionary of keyword args

คืออะไรหรือ …
ไม่อยากประกาศตัวแปร ซ้ำยาววววๆๆ ใช่ไหม หากต้องเรียก Function ซ้อนๆกัน


def cheeseshop(kind, *arguments, **keywords):
    print "-- Do you have any", kind, '?'
    print "-- I'm sorry, we're all out of", kind
    for arg in arguments: print arg
    print '-'*40
    keys = keywords.keys()
    for kw in keys: print kw, ':', keywords[kw]
cheeseshop('Limburger', "It's very runny, sir.",
           "It's really very, VERY runny, sir.",
           client='John Cleese',
           shopkeeper='Michael Palin',
           sketch='Cheese Shop Sketch')


-- Do you have any Limburger ?
-- I'm sorry, we're all out of Limburger
It's very runny, sir.
It's really very, VERY runny, sir.
client : John Cleese
shopkeeper : Michael Palin
sketch : Cheese Shop Sketch

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